Talented: A Young Adult Dystopian Series The ARC Book 2

- Seventeen-year-old Elle Winters gave up everything for one shot at saving her closest friend. But though she may have escaped the arc and found her way to the surface, Elle is no closer to finding Sebastian and stranded in a world where she doesn’t belong. This new society with its extraordinary inhabitants seems perfect, but is it more deadly than the one she left behind? Secrets and lies lurk just below Hope City’s shiny exterior and it’s impossible to tell what is real and who can be trusted.

Will elle be able to uncover the truth and find Sebastian, or has she already made a fatal mistake? .

Fractured: A Young Adult Dystopian Series The ARC Book 3

- The doctors say she is sick, and that they are her only chance at survival. Her memories are gone and she has no idea how she came to be connected to a drip in a windowless, white room that’s hauntingly familiar. Elle winters should never have escaped the ARC, but when she wakes up in a hospital bed she’s unable to remember why.

But can she trust them when their treatments don’t seem to be fixing her at all? Will this place break her before she uncovers the truth, or will it make her stronger than she's ever been?FRACTURED is the electrifying third book in The ARC Series.

Destined: A Young Adult Dystopian Series The ARC Book 4

Alexandra Moody - In the dark and stunning conclusion to The ARC Series, Elle finds herself deep in hiding. Battling with the talents she struggles to control, she longs for only one thing: revenge. Some destinies are written in the stars, others are forged from the fire.

The Oblivion Stone The Liftsal Guardians Book 3

- But she has bigger problems to deal with. A bloody battle between the humans and the Unfaih looms on the horizon, and Sloane and Rhyn must take drastic measures to stop the violence that threatens to destroy everyone they love. Betrayed by her brother, separated from her sister and on the run from her vicious father, Sloane has been forced back into the frozen world of Ellysia.

Can they find the solution in time, or will Aeris and Ellysia descend into war?Get your copy of the third book in The Liftsal Guardians series now! .

The Brakys' Lair The Liftsal Guardians Book 2

- And for reasons unknown to Sloane, he refuses to heed her warning. Continue sloane and rhyn’s story in the thrilling second book in The Liftsal Guardians series. The book was previously titled 'In Darkness We Hunt'. Her only hope is to journey deep into the icy world she escaped from, to the very source of the evil that threatens everyone she loves.

She will have to use all the tools in her arsenal if she hopes to succeed, including lying to the man she struggled to leave behind. After two months trapped in the frozen world of the Unfaih, Sloane has returned to Aeris with a chilling warning. But the one person she needs to convince is the man she despises most—her father.

The Brakys' Lair The Liftsal Guardians Book 2 - Her people must abandon their seemingly perfect new world because of a horrifying evil that threatens to destroy them all. Allowing her people to stay on Aeris will doom everyone she cares about and break her promise to Rhyn.

The Rift War The Liftsal Guardians Book 4

- After a thousand years of separation, humans and Unfaih have clashed in a bloody and devastating war. And that time has finally arrived. But now a more powerful force is threatening to destroy both their worlds. The dust has barely settled on the battlefield, but the Brakys are readying to strike. These dark creatures have kept to the shadows, waiting for the perfect chance to claim what they have thirsted over for centuries.

Can sworn enemies come together and defeat the ultimate evil, or will darkness consume both Ellysia and Aeris?Worlds will collide, alliances will be tested and ancient secrets will be revealed in this epic conclusion to The Liftsal Guardians series.

Tainted: A Young Adult Dystopian Series The ARC Book 1

- Under the council’s rule, ruthless officials roam the hallways, community comes first and everyone lives in fear of failing their annual testing. With one simple blood test you could be taken away without any warning or a word of goodbye. There are only a few people in the arc who Elle truly cares about and she desperately tries to keep them at arm’s length away for fear of losing someone else.

That is until they take the wrong person. No one is truly safe in the ARC and Elle is about to experience her own personal apocalypse. Chilling secrets and mysterious disappearances plague the ARC, but Elle would never dare to voice the forbidden questions that linger on her lips. With nothing left to lose she will risk everything to uncover the truth about the tainted.

Tainted: A Young Adult Dystopian Series The ARC Book 1 - Will she find what she's looking for or are some secrets better left buried deep underground?Don't miss the first book in this young adult series! Especially, her best friend Sebastian who she denies her feelings for, even from herself. All she has ever known are the artificial confines of underground fallout shelter, the ARC.

Find out what it means to be tainted in this post-apocalyptic future where the secrets are as deep and dark as the fallout shelter humanity survives in. Elle winters lost everything when the day of impact transformed Earth’s surface into an icy, desolate wasteland.

Defective The Institute Series Book 3

- Keeping busy to escape her guilt, Allira is trying to move on, but how can she when her past is always haunting her? The defective are free, but are their lives truly any better? Attacks on Defectives are on the rise, and Allira has to wonder if she’s directly responsible. Eighteen months has passed since the Institute was liberated.

For allira daniels, she’s still trying to live with the consequences of her actions.

The Breeders: A Young Adult Dystopian Romance

Katie French Books - Kindle book awards 2014 Semi-finalist. Then clay arrives, the handsome gunslinger who seems determined to make up for past sins. How could anyone, even someone she's growing to love, divergent, and The Gender Game, give up an opportunity like that?For fans of The Hunger Games, The Breeders is a book that will have you turning pages long past your bedtime.

Pick up your copy today. When riley was born, her mother escaped the Breeders, the group of doctors using cruel experiments to bolster the dwindling human race. You've found your next obsession. Riley is one of the world's last free girls. But clay can't know she's female, or he might sell her to the very people she's trying to avoid.

The Breeders: A Young Adult Dystopian Romance - As riley's affection for Clay grows she wonders can she trust him? She's worth a lifetime's wages. 400 four and five-star reviews. Her parents do everything possible to keep her from their clutches, but the Breeders control everything. And they're hunting Riley. When the local sheriff abducts the other members of her family, Riley and her brother Ethan are left to starve.

100, 000 copies sold.

Resistance The Institute Series Book 2

- Adult themes. Then why is she still working for them?It has been three months since she first started working as an agent for the Institute. What will allira sacrifice for her freedom?Recommended for 15 years + Occasional coarse language. But when life is about survival, sacrifices must be made. There’s too much at stake.

After an arrest goes awry, she’s faced with the possibility of escaping again, and an offer too good to refuse. Things are meant to be different at the Resistance, everything is meant to be better. It’s what every defective person wants – freedom, liberation from the Institute. Allira had her chance. She’s good at her job.

Resistance The Institute Series Book 2 - She has to be.

The Awakening The Gifting Series Book 2

- They aren’t gathered together for the sole purpose of survival, either. It's not safe. They have a plan and a purpose–to awaken as many people with The Gifting as possible. It’s dangerous and deadly work. Tess wants to help. I can't go home. She and luka Williams are part of The Gifting. Before they can find out what that means, the man with all the answers turns up dead.

The only thing he left behind? A few patient files that lead to the nation’s most lawless city. With authorities chasing them, Luka and Tess escape into the very heart of peril and against all odds, find an underground community of people just like them. Nowhere is. Tess eckhart isn’t crazy. Luka is desperate to keep her safe–a task that proves increasingly difficult as Tess’s gifting comes to light.

The Awakening The Gifting Series Book 2 - Is tess eckhart the one they’ve been waiting for? The One with the power to save them all? She’s not suffering from psychosis.