L.A. Rotten: A Tom Tanner Mystery

Alibi - For a handsome young ex-con determined to stay out of trouble, it’s practically a dream job—until he discovers a grisly pattern to his work: a string of gruesome murders at a cheap motel chain, always in Room 236. Westlake, while the setting and dialogue could have come from Elmore Leonard. Rotten is just the start for Jeff Klima.

Crime fiction lover“Eloquent, hilarious, and redemptive, profound, L. A. If you love mystery books then I know you will love this story. The world as i see it   “it’s gory, foul, and not for the faint-hearted. Rotten   “A really impressive debut. With a psychopath calling the shots, Tom has little choice but to clean house once and for all.

L.A. Rotten: A Tom Tanner Mystery - Praise for L. A. Rotten is a hard-boiled thriller that readers will be unable to put down. Gina fava, author of the sculptor   “a thrilling ride!”—Bell, Book & Candle   “Fast-paced and compelling. Engrossing and satisfying, L. A.

A Good-Looking Corpse: A Tom Tanner Mystery

Alibi - He’s got good steady work, a feisty woman to come home to, even a little notoriety for solving a string of grisly motel murders. Unfortunately, mikey echo—the spoiled son of the most powerful man in Hollywood—seems to think otherwise. Tom tanner, the crime-scene-cleaning virtuoso of L. A. Rotten has a heart of gold.

Dianne emley, bestselling author of the Nan Vining mysteries   “A must-read novel for those who enjoy raw, ‘pulpy’ mysteries. Rotten is a hard-boiled thriller that readers will be unable to put down. Gina fava, author of The Sculptor. But the fatalist within braces for the inevitable: To get Mikey Echo off his back, someone must die.

A Good-Looking Corpse: A Tom Tanner Mystery - Rotten   “A really impressive debut. Engrossing and satisfying, L. A. Because a psychopathic movie producer is planning a bloody blockbuster. Now tom just wants this mad prince of Tinseltown to leave him alone. Westlake, while the setting and dialogue could have come from Elmore Leonard. The book’s black humor reminded me a little of Donald E.

Rotten is just the start for Jeff Klima.

Clownfish Blues: A Novel Serge Storms

William Morrow - Winning has never been this deadly—or this much fun! It doesn’t matter that the actual route 66 didn’t pass through Florida, for Serge discovers that a dozen episodes near the series’ end were filmed really! in his beloved home state. Throw in brooke campanella, as well as the perpetually star-crossed Reevis, Serge’s old flame, and it’s a sure bet that the ever lucky Serge will hit it big.

So for serge and the always toked and stoked Coleman, the Sunshine State is all the road you need to get your kicks. A serge A. Storm is brewing for a cabal of bad guys gaming the Florida state lottery in this insanely funny novel from the maestro of mayhem, Tim Dorsey. If you’re loud and proud Floridian Serge A.

Clownfish Blues: A Novel Serge Storms - With this much at stake, of course every shady character wants in. But their adventure traveling the byways of the Sunshine State’s underbelly is about to take a detour. They’re also gambling with their lives, because when Serge and Coleman get hip to this timely and very lucrative trip, there’s no telling whose number is up next.

Crooked bodega owners, drug cartels laundering money through the lottery, and venture capitalists are all trying to game the system—and lining up to get their cut. Someone is trying to tilt the odds in the state lottery amidst a conga line of huge jackpots spinning off more chaos than any hurricane season.

Storms, route 66! with coleman riding shotgun, how do you follow up your very own remake of Easy Rider? You shoot your own "episodes" of your favorite classic television show, Serge is rolling down the highway of his dreams in a vintage silver convertible Corvette just like the snazzy car Martin Milner drove.

One Big Joke Key West Capers Book 13

Southernmost Press - The pill-popping star of his last best chance at a hit show is under a death threat from a very sore loser in a love triangle. Well, sort of serious. A bullying businessman in league with a pair of bumbling mobsters is plotting to burn down his best friend’s struggling comedy club. And lenny’s staunchest ally in the fight to keep the club, the star, and the laughs alive happens to be a 90-something named Bert the Shirt.

But when he bolts to Key West to refresh his lighter side, things suddenly turn serious. What is with you lately?” Lenny’s wife would like to know. Fortunately, bert has a soft spot for comedians and is the savviest if not the most grammatical guy in town…Deftly balancing suspense and humor, Key West color and showbiz glitz, mayhem and romance, ONE BIG JOKE uproariously entertains while making a sly but impassioned argument for the saving grace of comedy in tough times.

One Big Joke Key West Capers Book 13 - You’ve been acting like everything is one big joke. And it’s true—unemployed tv writer Lenny Sullivan has been having trouble seeing his life and times as anything more than fodder for edgy wisecracks.

True Grift

Brash Books - True grift is the real deal, " harry hunsicker, full of unforgettable characters and a wildly entertaining story, hilarious and action packed, former Executive Vice President of the Mystery Writers of America, author of "The Grid" . Jack bunker's true grift is a rollicking misadventure that might deter anyone who's ever thought about making a quick buck off an insurance company.

It’s hard to believe this is his first book. Fans of dan jenkins will love this one, " bill crider, " peter lefcourt, " charles rosenberg, with t errific characters, loaded with wit and local color, fast-moving plot and a great twist at the end that I didn't see coming, imaginatively plotted, author of "Purgatory Gardens""Jack Bunker's impressive debut novel stands out, multiple Shamus & Anthony Award-nominated author of "Outrage at Blanco" and "Between the Living & The Dead""Jack Bunker’s TRUE GRIFT is a fast and funny read -- sharply written, even among releases by established pros, best-selling author of "Death on a High Floor""Don’t be conned.

The scam-gone-awry with murderous consequences may be hell for the shyster, but ‘true grift’ is heaven for the readers, " Paul Levine, bestselling author of “Bum Rap”""True Grift' is a funny, " Ron Hansen"With this, ever-surprising hoot that belongs beside the finest schmoes-on-the-loose novels of Elmore Leonard, his first novel, fast-paced, Jack Bunker proves himself to be a gifted and witty author who knows the law and how the "system" can be manipulated .

True Grift - The dialogue is brisk, the situations outrageous but nonetheless believable, quick and witty, and the plotting air tight. But the plan goes horribly wrong, and as it spirals into a murderous fiasco, shakedowns, the grifters must deal with betrayals, bombs and mobsters to avoid prison… or worse, an early grave in a Southern California landfill.

If crime paid, they say, it would attract smarter criminals. A great read from first page to last -- you will enjoy every superbly crafted minute of it, author of "after the Madness" and "Blood Brothers""When an insurance claims manager and a personal injury lawyer who aren't quite as smart as they think they are come up with the perfect insurance scam, " Sol Wachtler, former Chief Judge of the State of New York, what could possibly go wrong? Plenty, as you'll find out in this hilarious novel by Jack Bunker.

Oops-A-Navy Navy SEAL Misadventure Book 1

Thriveco, Inc. - Now they’ve been given one last chance to redeem themselves. It’s a simple enough mission: they’re tasked with finding a United States senator who disappeared in Cuba while playing golf. Soon it becomes clear—if shelby and Earl don’t get the senator back, the situation will escalate into a nuclear war.

So into the steamy cuban jungles filled with snakes, spies and a German tuba band, the pair ventures, breaking every rule of civilized behavior known to man as they desperately try to find the senator before the missiles fly or Earl runs out of anti-cavity rinse. What readers are saying about oops-A-Navy:‘Laugh-Out-Loud Fecklessness’—Mallory A.

Oops-A-Navy Navy SEAL Misadventure Book 1 - They were wrong. After brushes with the law and staying just this side of sanity, Shelby and Earl are on the verge of being de-SEALed. I knew people like this when I was in the Navy. But then one day the president tweets that the Russians are responsible, and things get perilous in a hurry. My husband would look at me sometimes because I would be laughing.

He is so funny. Carolyn t‘gregg bell is one of the funniest authors that I have ever read!’—L. Love the book to no end. Denice‘i loved it! i felt silly at times, chuckling out loud following the zany activities of a couple of knuckle-heads.

The Office Dev Haskell - Private Investigator Book 17

- Gorgeous sophie has all she can handle trying to train Dev, let alone his golden retriever Morton, unaware Morton may have already inserted himself where he didn't belong. But all is not as it seems. Robert carraher"even now I can't believe the way this guy can weave a tale. The dirty lowdown“a cross between Carl Hiaasen and Elmore Leonard with a sprinkling of Robert B.

Problem in the neighborhood?dev haskell volunteers to go undercover and hide in ‘the office' recording license plate numbers and cash pickups from late evening until the early morning hours. Then there’s Dev's personal life. It’s classic Dev. Grab your copy now!“check out dev haskell's latest attempt at being nice! Fans of Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, Elmore Leonard, Tony Dunbar and Laurence Shames will love it!”Crime Scene"Faricy is America's hottest new writer .

The Office Dev Haskell - Private Investigator Book 17 - . Dev ends up caught between Crime Lord Tubby Gustafson and gangster Dennis Dwyer. And just plain enjoyable. Dev haskell is one of my favorite characters.

Double Wide

Brash Books - The half-hilarious, half-somber DOUBLE WIDE is so good it could bear at least one sequel. Especially when the story also boasts keen and comical observations on life, a roadrunner pace, and a hardy but humane protagonist. He displays an excellent ear for bitter, cynical dialog and an unsparing eye for desperate characters running on empty.

Arizona public radio/nPR“'Double Wide' is a rollicking page-turner. Banks is an award-winning local journalist and on top of his game in his debut novel. Arizona daily star"Banks writes skillfully and with deep love for the Arizona desert. 2018 spur award winner for best first novel2018 spur award winner for Best Contemporary WesternTrue West Magazine's Best Western Crime Novel of the Year "Banks' strong noir debut will remind many of early Joe Lansdale.

Double Wide - Beautiful, hard-living reporter Roxanne Santa Cruz, who keeps a. 380 colt and a bottle of chivas in her car, joins Stark to help him uncover his friend’s fate, a dangerous pursuit that pits them against a ruthless gang of drug-dealing killers. More praise for double wide :"featuring a gaudy cast of characters, this farcical drama goes the distance against the backdrop of Corbett Field and the mean streets of Tucson.

Banks crafted his fast-moving plot expertly. Read it!” –phoef sutton, new york times bestselling author 'Wicked Charms, ' 'Curious Minds' and Emmy award winning TV writer 'Cheers, ' 'Boston Legal'. Where double wide really shines is in its characters.

Deep Rough Miami Jones Florida Mystery Series Book 6

Jacaranda Drive - The usa today bestselling series continuesthe worst lies end up in the deep rough…When a South Florida golf club is hit with a series of suspicious events on the eve of hosting a big tournament, there’s only one man to call. Miami Jones. But when a caddy goes missing after an altercation with Jones, Miami finds himself in the middle of the case, not just solving it.

Miami must navigate billionaire property developers engaged in a high-priced tit-for-tat, death threats and a state investigator who is interested in his girlfriend in a professional capacity and maybe more—to keep himself, the club and the great state of Florida well and truly out of the deep rough.

Deep Rough Miami Jones Florida Mystery Series Book 6 - I rarely read a book where I find myself wishing the characters were real, and that I could know them. Parker meets Carl Hiaasen. Bookbub. That's true of miami and friends" - Reader review"I could not stop laughing. Reader reviewSeries praise:". Strong, unstereotyped, and engaging.

Gangster Nation: A Novel

Counterpoint - Goldberg is a master. Mystery scene magazine "Sal Cupertine is back - and better than ever. He's got money stashed in safe-deposit boxes all over the city. He's looking at places to escape to, Mexico or maybe Argentina. One can't help but think of such greats as Mario Puzo, Elmore Leonard, Jimmy Breslin, and Donald E.

Westlake while reading this witty, brutal, vital book. It will slice you open and reveal your insides. So when sal's cousin stumbles into the casino one night, matthew takes the law into his own hands--again--touching off a series of events that will have Rabbi Cohen running for his life, with the law, society, trapped in Las Vegas, and the post-9/11 world closing in around him.

Gangster Nation: A Novel - Gangster nation is a thrilling follow-up to Gangsterland, an unexpected, page-turning examination of the seedy foundations of American life. He only needs to make it through the High Holidays, and he'll have enough money to slip away, grab his wife and kid, and start fresh. Across the country, spending his off-time stalking members of The Family, former FBI agent Matthew Drew is now running security for an Indian Casino outside of Milwaukee, looking for vengeance for the murder of his former partner.

But sal wants out. With the wit and gritty glamor that defines his writing, health, Goldberg traces how the things we most value in our lives--home, even our spiritual lives--have been built on the enterprises of criminals. It's september of 2001 and for david, the new private school is raking it in, everything is coming up gold: Temple membership is on the rise, and the mortuary and cemetery--where Cohen has been laundering bodies for the mob--is minting cash.

It Was Just Sex It Meant Nothing!

John Locke Books, LLC - Wives need a reason to cheat; husbands just need a place. Until she isn’t. ”. The question cameron must answer is this: now that she knows what jake’s been up to, kills his kids and his dog, i’m calling cameron poole!”“forget the tired, worn-out vigilante stories where a gang rapes and kills the hero’s wife, what’s she going to do about it?PRELIMINARY REVIEWS:“If I ever catch my husband cheating on me, and the hero tracks them down one-by-one and murders them yawn! Locke’s latest novel is next-level revenge from the female perspective: cunning, diabolical, and delicious.

Locke is such a prolific writer it seems like years since his last book. Sweet cameron Poole is the nicest person ever. This is the lesson 28-year old cameron poole learns from her philandering husband, Jake, who readily admits he’s not likely to win any Husband of the Year awards. Thankfully, he’s back, and in excellent form.