Jade Star Star Series Book 4

Berkley - Vowing to save a young girl from her painful past, Saint Morris marries her out of duty. But she has other ideas. He thinks of himself as her protector and brother.

Wild Star Star Series Book 3

Berkley - Until her life is threatened—and he discovers that only he can protect her. But when he sees her again, as the petted wife of an older rich man, he's chagrined. When he meets Byrony by chance, he's charmed. Brent hammond is as handsome as sin and wilder than an unbroken stallion.

Midnight Star Star Series Book 2

Berkley - An heiress from england comes to San Francisco to ruin the man she thinks destroyed her father—only to wind up in his care and in his bed.

Evening Star Star Series Book 1

Berkley - First in the star quartet from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. When alex saxton wins virgin giana Van Cleve in the infamous Roman Flower Auction, he never expects to lose his heart.

Moonspun Magic Magic Trilogy Book 3

Berkley - The #1 new york times bestselling author weaves a magical spell. To save a young woman from his villainous brother, a retired spy marries her—and that's just the beginning of their adventures together.

Calypso Magic Magic Trilogy Book 2

Berkley - While visiting london, a beautiful young woman becomes homesick for the West Indies. Unfortunately, her only available chaperone for the perilous journey is her rakish hot-tempered cousin.

Midsummer Magic Magic Trilogy Book 1

Berkley - First in the Magic Trilogy. A clever, beautiful woman disguises herself as a mousy Scottish lass to keep the notoriously rakish Earl of Rothermere from marrying her, only to find she was chosen for that very reason. After the earl discards her, she sheds her dowdy facade to become London society's brightest star—rousing the ire and igniting the passions of her faithless husband.

The Heir Regency series Book 2

Berkley - A revamped regency from the #1 new york times bestselling authorWhen a marriage is arranged between a shrewd and strong earl and his equally matched cousin, they set off fireworks, both in their anger and in their passion.

Lord Harry Regency series Book 3

Berkley - A duel of hearts from the #1 New York Times bestselling author. Henrietta rolland has assumed the guise of a gentleman to track down and kill the man she believes is responsible for her brother's death at the Battle of Waterloo. Unfortunately, things don't quite go as planned.

The Rebel Bride Regency series Book 1

Berkley - The #1 new york times bestselling author has transformed her second novel from a Regency to full-fledged historical romance. Katherine brandon is a hoyden who bewitches a powerful, sophisticated nobleman, but can't hide her terrifying secret from him. Revisit a classic-Catherine Coulter's second novel.

The Deception Baron Novels Book 3

Berkley - The complete revamping of catherine coulter's 1983 Signet Regency, An Intimate Deception, led to this: a full-bodied historical romance with a new beginning and a new ending.