Identical Pigs

- A mob enforcer startles easily. And then you’ve got the stories on top of that? Unreal. A young actor wants his face on the wall of a pizza parlor. A woman gets trapped in a bathroom by a ghost maybe. This book should cost three hundred dollars. A man loses his shoes on an airplane. Incredible value. What do they all have in common? Nothing.

Others, including the novella “Winner Winner”, are brand new. Here’s one that you won’t even find in the book:which grateful german ape is always throwing barrels at super mariodanke kongWow. That would be a super weird novel, if those were all one thing. Some of these stories have appeared in publications such as Suspense Magazine and Storgy.

Identical Pigs - That’s the kind of quality we’re talking about here. In between them are silly little jokes. This is a short story collection.

The Reluctant Healer

Greenleaf Book Group Press - But when he meets erica, a beautiful, intense energy healer, he becomes troubled not only by her unorthodox endeavors but also by the limitations of his own existence. Amidst this turmoil, will is startled to discover that he may possess metaphysical gifts of healing that confront the narrow doctrines of his regulated life.

The reluctant healer paints a portrait of a reasonable man who traces a path between skepticism and belief. Will alexander is cautious and conventional. Will's love for erica, and his newfound powers place his life in a state of uncertainty, the exposure to her world, teetering between disruption and liberation.

The Reluctant Healer - . Flawed, funny, will distrusts much of the alternative world, and agnostic, even as he struggles internally with phenomena that challenge both his sense of self and his orderly perspective. Named to kirkus reviews' best books of 2018 winner of 2019 international book awards general Fiction and Inspirational Fiction CategoriesAmazon BestsellerBetween Doubt and Belief The Reluctant Healer tells the story of a young attorney who is torn between mounting evidence that he has the spiritual ability to heal others and his life-long skepticism of alternative views.

Charter Storm: Waves of Change Sweeping Over Public Education

Greenleaf Book Group Press - Public education in the United States faces an unprecedented crisis. While the outcome is impossible to predict, both sides are preparing for a fight of David versus Goliath proportions. In charter storm, they use their combined knowledge and research of over 120 individual interviews over five years to teach you about—• essential insights those new to the charter school movement need for their schools to survive and thrive• how aggressive educational establishment pushback threatens to sweep away the most vulnerable• key issues authorizers must know to effectively oversee their organizations• the overwhelming challenges the educational establishment faces today and how it can effectively navigate the changing local and national educational landscape• why active participation and support of charter school associations are essential to each charter school and the educational reform movement’s long-term success• what every charter school parent needs to know to create and support an exceptional educational experience for his or her children.

Clashes over money and ideologies have led to a struggle between the public education establishment and those at the forefront of educational reform. The conflict is being waged in the court of public opinion, as well as in courtrooms throughout the country. Collaboration is critical to the success of both.

Charter Storm: Waves of Change Sweeping Over Public Education - The explosive growth of charter schools over the last two decades has shaken the status quo to its core. At stake are the future of public schools and how they will continue to educate our nation’s youth.

The Madonna Model,: A Tale of Doubtful Provenance

Dryads Green Associates, Inc. - She wins a tough fight against sexism in the workplace, only to be defeated in her personal relationships by the doubtful provenance of the men she loves. Jillian warner journeys to the heart of today's art world, to learn how much true love is left in it. She soon discovers that there are as many fake people as forged paintings.

She prefers wyeth to warhol, but is challenged by men who want to see her only as an abstract expression rather than the real woman she is. Can they defeat a talented art forger with designs on Jillian? Jillian lands a job as an American art specialist at Lyon's, a major New York City auction house. Then tom linde, a surgeon who worked with her mother at a voluntary medical mission in Afghanistan, returns having lost an arm to a land mine blast.

Red Key Revolution: Redefining Success for a Life of Significance

Greenleaf Book Group Press - During his pursuit of success, he found that significance is ultimately what our hearts desire. He unravels his story, including a decision he made as a teenage boy on behalf of a woman he would not meet for almost 20 years—his wife. That decision changed his perspective forever and ultimately led to the fruition of this revolution.

We make decisions every day that will affect the people we meet tomorrow. Sacrifices are necessary for anything worthwhile, and when you sacrifice for what matters most, it's guaranteed to be worth it. Through a series of questions and action steps,  Red Key Revolution will help you gain clarity on how to deliberately and intentionally pursue significance and success.

Red Key Revolution: Redefining Success for a Life of Significance - Amazon bestseller in christian living leadershipfor anyone who has ever stood at a crossroads or been at a pivotal moment in their lives, remember—you can always start over. Have you ever achieved success at something and found it not as fulfilling as you hoped it would be? You're not alone. What if our version or definition of success won't bring us the sense of fulfillment we think it will?• How do you define significance and how do we become significant?In Red Key Revolution, Jordan Kemper challenges you to reevaluate what it is you're after and why.

Kemper's book redefines success in a way that leaves a legacy—the kind of success that will matter long after you're gone.

The Touch: A Supernatural Story - Part I

- This voice gives him a power that he can transfer by touch. Gabriel's "autism" is really a defense against the weight of the power that has engulfed his heart, mind and soul, from the very beginning. Living in an orphanage in austin, all of his life, Texas, the voice has shown him more attention and love than any other person.

He befriends one other special young person in that orphanage, Joshua Fellows. They will ultimately discover that the presence is not at all who they expected. I will humbly submit that this book is written in the spirit of Dean Koontz's works and also Stephen King's works. Joshua also has experienced little love in his short life.

The Touch: A Supernatural Story - Part I - Gabriel does not trust this presence, though he finds that the wonder of what he is experiencing is far too great for him to resist. Gabriel appears autistic because he hears a voice. The bond between these two young boys is the beginning of an amazing journey. Together, they find the strength to take the gift, and to use it for good.

He has no memory of his parents and in actuality, which causes him so much distress, the voice, is the only reality he has ever known. The voice is real, but it is a supernatural presence. The old beast is up to something out of character here.

Checking In: Hospitality-Driven Thinking, Business, and You

Greenleaf Book Group Press - When's the last time you checked in with your own goals, plans, and aspirations for the future?In Checking In, Stephen J. Cloobeck may be known for being tough, and unabashedly competitive, opinionated, but he's also developed a philosophy of hospitality-driven thinking relevant to anyone looking to find success on their terms.

These are the practical business insights and all-too-real anecdotes you didn't know you needed from a source you'd never expect. Part strategy directive, part leadership coaching, problems, part memoir, Checking In will change how you approach people, and possibilities. Written for everyone who wants more out of life, to make the most out of opportunities others miss, Checking In calls you to view the world through the lens of hospitality-driven thinking, to take well-placed bets on yourself, and to say "yes" to the right risks at the right time.

Checking In: Hospitality-Driven Thinking, Business, and You - Cloobeck--entrepreneur, and, and the founder and former ceo and chairman of Diamond Resorts International--invites you to check in with yourself to take stock of where you are, most importantly, where you want to go, investor, philanthropist, how to actually get there. Drawing from the hotel, accommodation, cloobeck shares one-of-a-kind business experiences and life lessons, and travel worlds in which he built his success, demonstrating how a radical customer service mindset--what he calls the Meaning of Yes--can substantively change both personal and professional outcomes.

Make no mistake--this is straight-talk from one of the best. Amazon best seller in Customer RelationsIt's time to check in. When's the last time you checked in? No, not at a hotel.

The Motivation Trap: Leadership Strategies to Achieve Sustained Success

Greenleaf Book Group Press - He walks readers through additional tools and suggests how and when to use them to create high-achieving teams who find enjoyment in their work and are ready to take initiative and work more autonomously. But what if it’s actually not the job of the leaders to motivate their teams? what if team members were responsible for motivating themselves and for bringing their own professional, helpful, teams, positive, John Hittler draws on the wisdom he has acquired from years of coaching individuals, best selves to work each day? What might change in companies if teams lived up to this expectation?In The Motivation Trap, and organizations and proposes a more effective way to lead.

With the wisdom he provides in The Motivation Trap, Hittler helps leaders produce great results for their team members, themselves, and their organizations. His simple, easy-to-use tools will bring team members together so they can accomplish highly leveraged success. He unwraps the energetic underpinnings of motivation, explains why it holds big limitations, and points out where and when to employ it as an effective tool in coaching management teams.

The Motivation Trap: Leadership Strategies to Achieve Sustained Success - Move away from the motivation mindsetCEOs and team leaders from Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed start-ups often complain that they have trouble keeping their teams motivated.

B State: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results

Greenleaf Book Group Press - It brings about the dynamic forward launch readers are looking for, creating results that are both unprecedented and sustainable. B state provides a clear roadmap from point A to point B to rapidly achieve measurable, breakthrough results. There’s a lack of control and a sense of being stuck. It’s about a true transformation that removes old mindsets and silos, while replacing inefficient behaviors with desired habits to quickly create the highest performing culture for groundbreaking business outcomes.

Equipped with over 30 years of professional and academic expertise, author, speaker, and change agent Mark Samuel helps companies and the individuals that comprise them achieve their B State, enabling them to make the necessary changes they didn’t think were possible. Issues in corporate teamwork and individual relationships can feel overwhelming and even insurmountable.

B State: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results - This book focuses readers on where they want to go, and it helps them get there fast. Written for business executives, and leaders at all levels, supervisors, managers, this is a book about how to not just do business but also live life. Searching in the past for solutions to persistent problems results in frustration and confusion.

. Amazon bestseller in organizational change, teams, organizational culture, and selfin business and life, and MENTORING & COACHINGTransforming Business, there are often moments when one simply can't seem to find a way forward. His strategies for finding and enacting solutions to complex challenges use real life examples to help readers embrace accountability and envision their success in order to achieve the transformation they need.

The Facts of the Matter: Looking Past Today's Rhetoric on the Environment and Responsible Development

Greenleaf Book Group Press - Amazon best seller and #1 new release in green businessamazon best seller in conservationAmazon Best Seller in Energy PolicyToo Green to Be True?Does all the positive press about hybrid cars, and the next ''green'' must-have product sound too good to be true? Well, alternative fuels, maybe it is. In the facts of the matter, technology, regulators, media, environmental groups, energy, and resources issues we face and shows how readers can move politicians, Alaskan author David Parish provides a clear explanation of the environmental, and businesses to truly take the action society needs to prosper.

Parish helps readers cut through the noise and focus on an optimistic approach to green issues. He argues that the best way to conserve the planet and ourselves is the natural convergence of smart natural resource development with improving the lives of the growing population. The facts of the matter is the basis for a conversation, based on solutions rather than rhetoric, and will cause a rethinking of our biases--to the benefit of the greater good.

Webs of Perception: Book 6 of the Webs Series

Greenleaf Book Group Press - Or has she?reconnect with the glamorous, college-aged juliana, including the ever-hopeful ashleigh, tumultuous world of the extended Taylor family, the dedicated CEO who must also face the fate of Jordon’s employees in a changing retail climate; and spunky, who trusts her intuition and persists in learning the truth while protecting her three daughters; her grieving husband Conrad, who kindles an even deeper appreciation among the sisters—and a far stronger perception of their cherished roles in each other’s lives.

. The other has been lost at sea. On a semester-at-sea program for the arts, twin sisters Callie and Marnie Taylor suffer separate tragedies when a rogue wave broadsides their ship, the Rising Star. Webs of perception, takes the taylor family on a gripping emotional journey, London, Paris, the final novel in Darlene Quinn’s Webs series, disembarking in New York, and Long Beach as they face their greatest challenges in love and loyalty.

Webs of Perception: Book 6 of the Webs Series - One twin struggles with autobiographical amnesia. Things aren’t always what they seem.