Early Christian Fathers Library of Christian Classics

Touchstone - This selection of writings from early church leaders includes work by Clement of Rome, Polycarp, Irenaeus, Ignatius, Athenagoras, and Justin Martyr. Long recognized for the quality of its translations, introductions, explanatory notes, and indexes, the Library of Christian Classics provides scholars and students with modern English translations of some of the most significant Christian theological texts in history.

. Through these works--each written prior to the end of the sixteenth century--contemporary readers are able to engage the ideas that have shaped Christian theology and the church through the centuries.

The Early Church The Penguin History of the Church v. 1

Penguin - Penguin. Examines the beginning of the Christian movement during the first centureis AD, and the explosive force of its expansion throughout the Roman world.

On the Unity of Christ

St Vladimirs Seminary Pr - The center of debate turned on the nature of the personhood of Christ, and how divine and human characteristics could combine in Jesus without rendering his subjectivity hopelessly divided, or without reducing his authentic humanness to an insubstantiality. These arguments soon polarized into the conflict between two great churches, Alexandria and Constantinople, and their powerful archbishops, St Cyril d.

452 respectively. 444 and Nestorius d. Ca. His previous books include: st symeon the new theologian: chapters and Discourses; The Transfiguration of Christ in Scripture and Tradition; Selected Poems of St Gregory Nazianzen; St Cyril of Alexandria and the Christological Controversy; and Byzantium and Other Poems.

Penguin. The text here translated is one of his most important and approachable writings, composed in the aftermath of the Council of Ephesus 431 to explain his doctrine to an international audience. Accordingly, for st cyril, Christology becomes a paradigm for the transfigured and redeemed life of the Christian.

On the Unity of Christ - This book is essential reading for all those interested in the theology and spirituality of the fathers, in the ancient church's use of scripture, and the way in which the church once creatively expressed its thinking through the media of philosophy and the natural sciences. John anthony mcguckin, an orthodox theologian, england, and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, is Reader in Patristic and Byzantine Theology at the University of Leeds, London.

He argues here for the single divine presence but fostered and enhanced by it.

Early Christian Lives Penguin Classics

Penguin Classics - Jerome also shows those who fled persecution or withdrew from society to pursue lives of chastity and asceticism in his accounts of Paul of Thebes, Hilarion and Malchus. In his life of martin, bishop and missionary, sulpicius Severus describes the achievements of a man who combined the roles of monk, while Gregory the Great tells of Benedict, whose Rule became the template for monastic life.

With more than 1, 700 titles, penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Written between the mid-fourth and late sixth centuries to commemorate and glorify the achievements of early Christian saints, these six biographies depict men who devoted themselves to solitude, poverty and prayer.

Early Christian Lives Penguin Classics - . Athanasius records antony's extreme seclusion in the Egyptian desert, despite temptation by the devil and visits from his followers. Penguin. Full of vivid incidents and astonishing miracles, these Lives have provided inspiration as models for centuries of Christian worship. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world.

Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

The Sayings of the Desert Fathers: The Alphabetical Collection

Liturgical Press - We have a great deal to learn from their integrity and their unrelenting courage, possessed of such a love, from their vision of God - so Holy, so great, that nothing less than one's whole being could respond to it. These were men and women who had reached a humility of which we have no idea, but in the vision of God, because it is not rooted in an hypocritical or contrived depreciation of self, and a humbling experience of being so loved.

The faithful who did not embrace the austerity of the desert admired those who did and sought them out for counsel and consolation. The fourth-century ascetic flight to the desert indelibly marked Christianity. Penguin. They were ascetics, not by speech: 'if a man cannot understand my silence, ruthless to themselves, yet so human, so immensely compassionate not only to the needs of men but also to their frailty and their sins; men and women wrapped in a depth of inner silence of which we have no idea and who taught by 'Being', he will never understand my words.

The Sayings of the Desert Fathers: The Alphabetical Collection - If we wish to understand the sayings of the fathers, their ruthless determination, let us approach them with veneration, silencing our judgments and our own thoughts in order to meet them on their own ground and perhaps to partake ultimately - if we prove able to emulate their earnestness in the search, their infinite compassion—in their own silent communion with God.

The 'words' the monks gave were collected and passed around among those too far away or too feeble to make the trek themselves - or lived generations later. Previously available only in fragments, these Sayings of the Desert Fathers are now accessible in its entirety in English for the first time.

Honey and Salt: Selected Spiritual Writings of Bernard of Clairvaux

Vintage - Bernard of clairvaux, the twelfth-century monk who wrote that "Jesus is honey in the mouth, a cry of joy in the heart, melody in the ear, " was both a mystic and a reformer. Penguin. Today it is reported that pope Benedict XVI keeps Bernard's treatise Advice to a Pope close at hand for spiritual support.

His writings reveal a mystical theology that thomas merton, a monastic heir to Bernard’s Cistercian reform, says "explains what it means to be united to God in Christ but also shows the meaning of the whole economy of our redemption in Christ. Critical of the monastic opulence of his times, Bernard exhorted his monks to consider that "Salt with hunger is seasoning enough for a man living soberly and wisely.

Honey and Salt: Selected Spiritual Writings of Bernard of Clairvaux - Martin luther believed that Bernard was "the best monk that ever lived, whom I admire beyond all the rest put together. Bernard's zeal and charisma led to the reform of Christian life in medieval Europe. Honey and salt is an original selection for the general reader of Bernard’s sermons, treatises, and letters.

Christology of the Later Fathers, Icthus Edition Library of Christian Classics

Westminster John Knox Press - Through these works--each written prior to the end of the sixteenth century--contemporary readers are able to engage the ideas that have shaped Christian theology and the church through the centuries. This volume includes selections from the works of Athanasius, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa.

Penguin. Westminster John Knox Press. Through these works and those of other early Christian thinkers, this book surveys the development of early church theology. Long recognized for the quality of its translations, explanatory notes, introductions, and indexes, the Library of Christian Classics provides scholars and students with modern English translations of some of the most significant Christian theological texts in history.

The Christological Controversy Sources of Early Christian Thought

Fortress Press - This book is a collection of texts designed to illustrate the development of Christian thought about the person of Christ in the patristic era. Westminster John Knox Press. The latest is the well-known "definition of the Faith" of the Council of Chalcedon, which generally has been accepted as defining the limits of Christological orthodoxy.

The earliest text translated comes from the latter half of the second century, when the ideas and problems which were to dominate Christological thought in this period were first crystallized. Penguin.

When the Church Was Young

Franciscan Media - It is they who preserved for us the rich legacy of the early Church. These brilliant, and sometimes eccentric men defined the biblical canon, embattled, hammered out the Creed, and gave us our understanding of sacraments and salvation. If the word trinity isn’t in scripture, why is it such an important part of our faith? And if the Bible can be interpreted in many ways, how do we know what to make of it? And who decided what should be in the Bible anyway? The Church Fathers provide the answers.

This page-turner will inspire and challenge you with the lives and insights of these seminal teachers from when the Church was young. The audio edition of this book can be downloaded via Audible. D’ambrosio dusts off the dry theology and brings you the exciting stories and great heroes such as Ambrose, Athanasius, Chrysostom, Augustine, Basil, and Jerome.

When the Church Was Young - Westminster John Knox Press. Penguin.

On the Incarnation: Saint Athanasius Popular Patristics

St Vladimirs Seminary Pr - By any standard, this is a classic of Christian theology. Penguin. Composed by st athanasius in the fourth century, it expounds with simplicity the theological vision defended at the councils of Nicaea and Constantinople: that the Son of God himself became "fully human, so that we might become god. Its influence on all christian theology thereafter, East and West, ensures its place as one of the few "must read" books for all who want to know more about the Christian faith.

Westminster John Knox Press.

Learning Theology with the Church Fathers

IVP Academic - Focusing on the great questions, we view these issues in their settings and find greater appreciation for the foundations and architecture of our Christian faith. Hall opens the door on patristic theology. Westminster John Knox Press. With the same insight and love of his subject that he brought to Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers, Christopher A.

Ivp academic. The early church fathers were great theologians--though they did not think of themselves as such. They were working pastors, involved in the daily life and leadership of their congregations. These beliefs were defined in the crucible of spiritual leadership, pastoral care and theological conflict, all set against the background of the great cultural movements and events of their day.

Learning Theology with the Church Fathers - For the church fathers, theology was a spiritual exercise woven into the texture of life. Yet they were wrestling with many of the great and formative questions of the Christian faith, the incarnation, such as the Trinity, the providence of God and the nature of the church. Penguin. What would it be like to sit under the preaching and instruction of these great men, to look over their shoulders as they thought and wrote, or to hear them debate theological issues? Learning Theology with the Church Fathers offers us that experience.