Clinical Leadership for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners: –

Springer Publishing Company - Written by a recognized expert in physician assistant leadership, this engaging text helps PA and NP professionals—increasingly called upon to lead in a variety of clinical and administrative environments—to navigate the unique challenges they encounter. With an emphasis on concrete application of leadership principles, this text highlights interprofessional communication and the skills associated with becoming an effective leader in a variety of health care settings.

Thought-provoking case studies provide real-world application of concepts throughout the text. This groundbreaking text focuses on the practical knowledge and skills that both physician assistants PAs and nurse practitioners NPs need to be effective health care leaders in a multidisciplinary environment.

Clinical Leadership for Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners: - - Useful exercises throughout the chapters and appendices bring further clarity to the theoretical topics examined in the book. Key features:focuses on leadership for nps and pas in team-based health care—the only text to do soemphasizes interprofessional, and moreProvides chapter-opening questions to guide the learner in discovering effective principles of leadershipIncludes chapter summaries and leadership exercises to provide context to the concepts discussed, leadership traits and behaviors, multidisciplinary interactions, burnout, often at the level of direct patient careAddresses important issues including power and influence, ethical considerations, change strategies, followership, as well as useful online worksheetsApplies real-world scenarios to key leadership concepts through thought-provoking case studies.

Leadership and the Advanced Practice Nurse: The Future of a Changing Healthcare Environment

F.A. Davis Company - The essential theoretical foundations for empowering nurses to be leaders of change the influence of health policy and regulation on organizations How to empower nurses and inter-professional teams to reach organizational goals The importance of risk management and quality control for cost-effective care delivery The challenges of ensuring optimal patient care within a sustainable system Program development, implementation, planning, design, and evaluation Coverage of complexity science Interviews with current nursing leaders.

Quality and Safety in Nursing: A Competency Approach to Improving Outcomes

Wiley-Blackwell - The final section now features redesigned chapters on implementing quality and safety across settings. New to this edition includes: instructional and practice approaches including narrative pedagogy and integrating the competencies in simulation A new chapter exploring the application of clinical learning and the critical nature of inter-professional teamwork A revised chapter on the mirror of education and practice to better understand teaching approaches This ground-breaking unique text addresses the challenges of preparing future nurses with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes KSAs necessary to continuously improve the health care system in which they practice.

Itfirst looks at the national initiative for quality and safety and links it to its origins in the IOM report. Edited by key members of the quality and Safety Education for Nursing QSEN steering team, Quality and Safety in Nursing is divided into three sections. The second section defines each of the six QSEN competencies as well as providing teaching and clinical application strategies, resources and current references.

Quality and Safety in Nursing: A Competency Approach to Improving Outcomes - . Drawing on the universal values in health care, the second edition of Quality and Safety in Nursing continues to devote itself to the nursing community and explores their role in improving quality of care and patient safety.

Study Guide for Pathophysiology: The Biological Basis for Disease in Adults and Children

Mosby - Learn, and master pathophysiology! corresponding to the chapters in Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children, 8th Edition, understand, this study guide offers practical activities to help you review and remember basic pathophysiology. More than 1, 200 questions cover all areas of pathophysiology.

Interactive questions provide you with a working knowledge of disease etiology and disease processes – giving you practice applying what you’ve learned to clinical practice. Practice exams provide immediate feedback by helping you understand the rationale behind each answer. Over 40 case scenarios provide real-world examples of how pathophysiology is used in the clinical setting, helping you apply and integrate knowledge.

Study Guide for Pathophysiology: The Biological Basis for Disease in Adults and Children - Concise chapter summaries highlight need-to-know information and help you to quickly review content. Answer key found in the back of the study guide, allows you to check answers and evaluate your progress. New! more than 20 new illustrations appear in active learning activities to engage visual learners NEW! Thoroughly revised and updated information mirrors content from the 8th edition of the Pathophysiology textbook.

Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals: Advocacy and Action

Jones & Bartlett Learning - New to the third edition: • case studies which close the gap in understanding how policy and politics impacts health systems• Updated content on the Affordable Care Act • Enhanced Primary Care Roles new chapter • Health Information Technology and the Intersection of Health Policy new chapter • Political Power of Nurses: Harnessing Our Values & Voices new chapter.

Policy and politics for nurses and other health Professionals: Advocacy and Action, Third Edition reflects a well-honed vision of what nursing and health professionals need to know to both understand and influence health policy. Through their focus on relevant issues, political, the authors discuss how healthcare professionals can prepare themselves to engage in the economic, and policy dimensions of health care.

Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals: Advocacy and Action - The third edition focuses on the most relevant health policy issues while taking an interdisciplinary approach to create an understanding of healthcare practice and policy across interprofessional teams. In addition, global and population health issues such as war, terrorism, disease and natural disasters that impact health professionals are also covered in detail.

Pediatric Primary Care

Saunders - Get an in-depth look at pediatric primary care through the eyes of a Nurse Practitioner! Pediatric Primary Care, and preventing health problems in infants, children, 6th Edition guides readers through the process of assessing, managing, and adolescents. This sixth edition also features a wealth of new content and updates ― such as a new chapter on pediatric pharmacology, full-color design and illustrations, a refocused chapter on practice management, updated coverage of the impact of the Affordable Care Act, new QSEN integration, and more ― to keep readers up to date on the latest issues affecting practice today.

Comprehensive content provides a complete foundation in the primary care of children from the unique perspective of the Nurse Practitioner and covers the full spectrum of health conditions seen in the primary care of children, emphasizing both prevention and management. In-depth guidance on assessing and managing pediatric health problems covers patients from infancy through adolescence.

Pediatric Primary Care - Four-part organization includes 1 an introductory unit on the foundations of global pediatric health, child and family health assessment, and cultural perspectives for pediatric primary care; 2 a unit on managing child development; 3 a unit on health promotion and management; and 4 a unit on disease management.

Content devoted to issues of daily living covers issues that are a part of every child's growth ― such as nutrition and toilet training ― that could lead to health problems unless appropriate education and guidance are given. Algorithms are used throughout the book to provide a concise overview of the evaluation and management of common disorders.

Resources for providers and families are also included throughout the text for further information. Expert editor team well is well-versed in the scope of practice and knowledge base of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners PNPs and Family Nurse Practitioners FNPs.

Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children

Mosby - It’s the most comprehensive and authoritative pathophysiology text available!The most comprehensive and authoritative pathophysiology text on the market provides unparalleled coverage of Pathophysiology content. Over 1, 300 full-color illustrations and photographs depict the clinical manifestations of disease and disease processes ― more than in any other pathophysiology text.

Consistent presentation of diseases includes pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and evaluation and treatment. This updated text includes more than 1, 300 full-color illustrations and photographs to make it easier to identify normal anatomy and physiology, as well as alterations of function. Learn the what, in-depth descriptions of disease, how, and why of pathophysiology! With easy-to-read, and disease processes, Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children, disease etiology, 8th Edition helps you understand the most important and most complex pathophysiology concepts.

Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children - Pediatric Primary Care. New! chapter on obesity and nutritional disorders thoroughly covers these growing global concerns. This edition includes a NEW chapter on obesity and nutritional disorders, along with expanded coverage of rare diseases and epigenetics. Lifespan content includes ten separate pediatric chapters and special sections with aging and pediatrics content.

Outstanding authors kathryn mccance and Sue Huether have extensive backgrounds as researchers and instructors, and utilize expert contributors, consultants, and reviewers in developing this edition. Algorithms and flowcharts of diseases and disorders make it easy for you to follow the sequential progression of disease processes.

Advanced Practice Nursing: Essentials for Role Development

F.A. Davis Company - Covers all apn specialties, including nurse educator and nurse administrator. Links content to the AACN/NONPF core curriculum recommendations. Features figures, tables and boxes to make reference easier. Pediatric Primary Care. Provides the foundational content for all advanced practice nursing students in a course on professional role development.

Addresses important topics, serving culturally-diverse clients, applying the concepts of role theory, the mechanics of teaching, including evidence-based practice, and effective business practices. Presents practical information balanced with theory.

Bright Futures: Guidelines Pocket Guide

American Academy of Pediatrics - Also included in the appendices are developmental Milestones at a Glance chart, Recommended Medical Screenings chart for infancy through adolescence, Sexual Maturity Ratings scale, and much more! Pediatric Primary Care. All the essentials of the Bright Futures health supervision visits in an easy-to-access format.

. It's the quick reference tool and training resource for busy health professionals. Includes every visit from birth through age 21.

StrengthsFinder 2.0

Gallup Press - Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? Chances are, you don't. While you can read this book in one sitting, you'll use it as a reference for decades. All too often, our natural talents go untapped. Available exclusively in StrengthsFinder 2. 0:using the unique access code included with each book * a new and upgraded edition of the strengthsFinder assessment * A personalized Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide for applying your strengths in the next week, month, and year * A more customized version of your top five theme report * 50 Ideas for Action 10 strategies for building on each of your top five themes Pediatric Primary Care.

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Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types

Prometheus Nemesis Book Company - Well, this book is a guide for putting an end to the Pygmalion projects in your life and starting on the path to acceptance. A personalized Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide. Pediatric Primary Care. 50 ideas for action 10 strategies for building on each of your top five themes. We are different for a reason, and that reason is probably more good than bad.

Great product! Keirsey and bates believe that not only is it impossible to truly change others which they call embarking on a "Pygmalion project", it's much more important to understand and affirm differences. Does your spouse's need to alphabetically organize books on the shelves puzzle you? Do your boss's tsunami-like moods leave you exasperated? Do your child's constant questions make you batty? If you've ever wanted to change your mate, then "Put down your chisel, your coworkers, or a family member, " advise David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates in this book of personality types.

Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types - Sounds easier than it is, you might say. A more customized version of your top five theme report.